M2M in a Chip!

M2M in a Chip!

The same Sierra Wireless Open-AT environment that enables the Intelligent Modem is also available in "Chip" form as the WMP "Wireless Microprocessor" family.  

This allows the GSM "engine" to be embedded directly onto the electronic PCB - without the need for bulky modules, connectors, etc.

With the M2M application embedded within the chip, there may be no need for another microcontroller on the board.

A WMP100 in a Client's applicationThe "Wireless Microprocessor" provides a number of standard interfaces - including UARTs, SPI, IC  - and it is, of course, possible to use it in conjunction with another microcontroller (or microcontrollers)

Antronics Ltd have recently been involved with projects using the WMP100 in conjunction with the STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller from ST Microelectronics.



Open-AT applications are compatible with Wavecom's complete range of modems, modules, and chips:


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