Domestic Electricity Consumption Monitor

Domestic Electricity Consumption Monitor

Reducing energy consumption is high on many people's priorities these days - whether purely for financial reasons, or also out of concern for the environment. But, in order to reduce your consumption, you need to be aware of what you are actually consuming! The electricity supply meter is usually of little help in this respect, as it is usually hidden away and inconvenient (for the consumer) to read.

The object of this project was to allow the consumer, in real time, to see their electricity consumption and how it is affected by their use of their appliances around the home.  

Uniquely, this device also provides communication with the electricity supplier to allow them to understand the usage patters of their customers.

Antronics Ltd assisted in devising the GPRS communication protocol to be used between the unit and the electricity supplier's back-office system, and provided a PC-based simulator (using a Fastrack modem) as a "proof of concept".

Main PCB showing WMP100 Wireless MicroprocessorAntronics Ltd implemented an Open-AT application in the unit's WMP100 "Wireless Microprocessor" to manage all GSM activity, including the communication protocol, over-the-air firmware updates, and facilities to support manufacturing test & configuration.

Antronics Ltd also provided a bootloader for the unit's STM32 microcontroller to facilitate the firmware updates, and assisted in devising the internal communication protocol between the STM32 and WMP100.

The unit has undergone successful consumer trials, and the Client is now looking for opportunities to exploit the technology and bring the unit to market. Any interested parties please contact us in the first instance, and we will pass on your enquiry.

A typical domestic electricity meter
A typical domestic electricity meter
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