Remote Enrolment for Biometric Time & Attendance Terminal

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Feedback Data is a specialist in edge systems: providing devices that sit at the "edge" of an organisation, feeding data into the enterprise systems that help control payroll and billing, and provide feedback on organisational effectiveness. The Nohmad is a Time & Attendance terminal allowing easy capture of worker arrival & departure times.

GPRS is used for real-time communication without requiring any data cabling - only a standard power socket is needed for installation.

The original Nohmad used a Maxim (formerly Dallas) iButton device for worker identification; a new version had been added using biometric identification - with a fingerprint sensor.

With a token such as an iButton or RFID tag, it is straightforward to ensure that the token is "known" to the system before it is issued to a worker. With biometric identification, this is not possible - so some means is required to "enrol" a new worker into the system.

Feedback approached us to assist in developing a scheme to allow new workers to be enrolled using a simple process at a standard Nohmad terminal without any special equipment.

Antronics Ltd helped in defining the GPRS communication protocol extensions to allow over-the-air enrolment, and the user interactions with the existing sensor and indicators available in the Nohmad. We were also able to recommend a developer to assist with the server-side work needed to accommodate this new facility.

The development work involved extending the Nohmad's existing Open-AT application to support the additional interactions with the fingerprint sensor and displays, and the enhancements to the over-the-air communications.

After successfully completing the enrolment task, we were also able to provide some additional over-the-air features to enhance the general operation & management of the Nohmad terminal and its configuration.

iButton Terminal


We are grateful to Feedback Data for their kind permission to feature their Nohmad terminal in this article.

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