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 Phaedrus Systems

Phaedrus Systems is the UK's leading supplier of tools for embedded systems development.
From conception to completion.

ARM Connected Community.

The ARM Connected Community is a global network of companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture, for products based on the ARM architecture.
Visit the Antronics Partner Page here:

 Destination Basingstoke

 Basingstoke - home of Antronics Ltd!

PCG - The voice of freelancing

PCG - The voice of freelancing.
Supporting, protecting and promoting freelancers, contractors and consultants

 Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework is an innovative development and execution environment for resource-constrained devices


DesignSpark, from RS Components, is an interactive and social community for electronic design engineers. It allows members to share information and ideas, network with industry experts and partners, read and create reviews, gain and share knowledge and the opportunity to peruse a whole host of development kits.
Visit the Antronics Partner Page here: is a free web portal and email service in embedded systems, DSP, board-level (PC/104, AdvancedTCA, CPCI, VME, etc.), RTOS/Real-time, and FPGA markets. covers both products and services, and produces Insider Guides to RTOS, FPGA, Boards, and embedded services.

SourceRepo is a repository hosting company run by and for developers. Easy to use control panel for Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Free project management tools, Trac and Redmine.
Antronics Ltd uses SourceRepo in conjunction with the Tortoise SVN client.